As a former coach, I’m glad that athletes are starting to understand the importance of strength training for sport. There are so many reasons why athletes should supplement training with additional programming. I’d like to break down the most important ones for you.

Body Awareness

Strength training increases body awareness and control. as time goes on, you get more comfortable with your programming and develop a “sixth sense” of where your body is in space. The more control you have of your body, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid an injury. These skills will develop as time goes on.

Injury prevention

As the season goes on, your body will start to wear down and fatigue. The best way to prevent fatigue is to strengthen your muscles through programing specific to your goals. The stronger your muscles and tendons, the better you can handle any unexpected force that comes your way. Weak muscles lead to injury.

Injury reduction

We know that strength training can help prevent injuries from happening, but what if you’re already injured? An individualized training program will strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured the area. This will shorten recovery time. The goal is to push blood flow to the affected area to aid in the healing process and get you back into your sport faster.

Get ahead of the Competition

Everyone who plays a sport strives to be competitive. Strength training is one of the best things you can do to get yourself ahead in the game. The more physically prepared you are, the greater the edge you have over your opponent.

So the next time you’re dragging your feet about starting a workout, remember how it can improve your performance. Prioritize strength training for sport and you won’t even break a sweat at game time.