I often talk about the value of strength training with my clients. It’s important to balance the body work you have done in our office with exercise outside of the office. Strength training is so much more then picking things up and putting them down.

When you hear the words strength training, you may think of huge hulking people walking around the gym or giant pro athletes doing crazy exercises. In the real world, it looks a lot different. For the average person, exercise is essential for longevity and living your life as pain free as possible. Strength training prepares your body to handle whatever curveballs life throws your way.

You don’t have to live in the gym; if anything that may hurt rather than help you. Putting your muscles under moderate strain consistently over time will keep prime your body to handle whatever might come up. As your muscles are put under tension, they adapt to the stress, making it easier to handle and in turn, make you stronger. The stronger you get the more your body can tolerate and the lower the odds that you will get hurt are. Strength training not only improves muscle tone, but it increases bone density too! Bone density is most often attributed to a reduced risk of osteoporosis.

The bottom line is that strength exercises are beneficial to so many aspects of our health and wellness. The more you focus on strength training, the longer you’ll feel your absolute best. It’s not necessary to jump right into a pro-level CrossFit class or deadlift your body weight. Instead, take the time to get your muscles firing with some bodyweight movements and find out your preferred method of exercise so you can stick with it. Start out with some at home workouts or a beginners program.

You’ll be likely to experience some muscle soreness, so be sure to keep up with regular bodywork like massage and chiropractic care.