Over the last few years, Dr. Sarah has dedicated a significant amount of her time to learning more about how to help postpartum women in Rochester, NY. The postpartum period can be difficult for many new moms and can be filled with many questions. Questions from pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis rectus abdominis, returning to exercise and a variety of other topics.

Her passion for women’s health began in chiropractic college and quickly turned into treating pregnant women as a Webster Technique Certified chiropractor. As she learned more about pregnancy and the incredible birth community in Rochester, she began to realize how little postpartum care was available in the area.

Dr. Sarah has begun to expand her area of expertise from just pregnancy, to include postpartum care as well. As she slowly worked her way through a variety of other chiropractic based women’s health seminars, including classes on the pelvic floor and fertility, she began learning beyond the field of chiropractic. She has taken a number of BIRTHFIT seminars, and is now a BIRTHFIT Profession and Leader. She also recently began taking a physical therapy based class called The Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete: Pregnancy & Postpartum. This is only the first of many physical therapy seminars that Dr. Sarah will be taking over the next year to continue to expand her knowledge base.

She is thrilled to be helping women all over the city with recovering postpartum. If you are looking for some information or help with your postpartum recovery, please give our office a call or email Dr. Sarah directly at [email protected]