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Dr. Michael Penkin
Dr. Michael PenkinChiropractor
Dr. Sarah Tirimacco
Dr. Sarah TirimaccoChiropractor
Dr. Caitlin Simpson
Dr. Caitlin SimpsonChiropractor
Dr. James Walters
Dr. James WaltersChiropractor
Dr. Rachel Stummer
Dr. Rachel StummerChiropractor & Clinical Nutrition
Dr. Timothy Daly
Dr. Timothy DalyChiropractor
Dr. Kieran Villnave
Dr. Kieran VillnaveChiropractor
Dr. Zack Spatol
Dr. Zack SpatolChiropractor
Andrea Pazda, LMT
Andrea Pazda, LMTLicensed Massage Therapist
Jacqueline Zimmer, LMT
Jacqueline Zimmer, LMTLicensed Massage Therapist
Jordan Tipton, LMT
Jordan Tipton, LMTLicensed Massage Therapist
Shay Collins, LMT
Shay Collins, LMTLicensed Massage Therapist
Jennifer Grims
Jennifer GrimsBilling & Insurance Coordinator
Maria Burns
Maria BurnsPatient Experience Coordinator
Lauren Henry
Lauren HenryMarketing & Operations Coordinator
Alissa Domicello
Alissa DomicelloPatient Experience Assistant
Amber Denny
Amber DennyPatient Experience Assistant
Alana Hall
Alana HallPatient Experience Assistant
Brionna Goins
Brionna GoinsPatient Experience Assistant
“ALL THE STARS. I never had a chiropractic adjustment before, but this appointment exceeded my expectations. I came into my first appointment with considerable pain and left with a marked improvement!”