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Dr. James D. Walters

Specializing in treating TMJ pain in Rochester NY


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Dr. James’ extensive background in dance and stunt choreography lends him the tools to treat not only competitive and recreational dancers and gymnasts of all ages, but anyone with ankle/foot complaints, TMJ pain and overuse related injuries in Rochester NY.⁠ His unique and evidence informed approach to occupational injuries has gotten patients back in action without pain quickly and efficiently.⁠ Dr. James would be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule a chiropractic appointment for you.

Advanced Training:
  • Dance Injuries

  • Adolescent Sports Injuries

  • TMJ Complaints

Dr. James D. Walters was born in Hilton, New York and attended The University at Buffalo where he graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance. Dr. James first experienced chiropractic care while recovering from a dance-related injury. His chiropractor helped him return to the stage, motivating him to attend New York Chiropractic College, where he graduated with honors, when his dance career ended. He now practices Chiropractic Care in Rochester, NY.

Throughout his professional dance career, Dr. James performed many styles of dance ranging from ballet to theater in commercial and concert productions both nationally and internationally. His credits include; River North Dance Chicago, Lockport City Ballet, New York State Ballet, and Princess Cruise Lines. He is also trained in stage combat and choreographs dance and stunt choreography for dance festivals and company productions. Although he is a retired dancer, Dr. James still teaches and choreographs in the local dance community and the NYS Ballet so he can share his passion for the stage with the next generation of artists.

Dr. James continues to be active in state and national chiropractic associations. He is a current member of the Leadership Committee for NextGenACA and serves as the District 15 President, Affiliate Director, and Professional Development Committee member for the NYSCA. He is proud to support and aid in the establishment of numerous national projects, advocating for his patients and fighting to expand access and availability of chiropractic care for all patients. 

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“As a professional ballet dancer, keeping my body healthy and functioning are my number one priorities. It is so helpful and refreshing to be treated by a doctor who is so passionate about his work and helping others, but who also knows the in’s and out’s of a dance profession.”
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