I’m excited to announce The Dance Up podcast hosted by yours truly and my good friend Danielle. This podcast has been a passion project of ours for the last two years.

Who are the hosts?

You already know me, Dr. James Walters. Danielle Lydia Sheather is an assistant professor at Southern Utah University and has worked in the world of dance and dance education for a long time now. We are both alumni from the University at Buffalo’s dance department. We actually graduated 8 years apart but met while I was working on a dance project through the American Chiropractic Association. 

What’s it about?

The Dance Up podcast puts a critical lens on both the dance industry and healthcare. Our goal is to look at the gap that has formed between these two worlds and see how we can work together from each side to find a better way forward. If you’ve been reading my dancer blogs then you know that, for most dancers, trust in the  healthcare community is not a given. A long history of mismanagement and lack of understanding of the dance world has led to performing artists often seeking care and advice from within the dance community rather than from healthcare professionals. For a healthcare provider’s perspective, I touch on why it’s so hard for providers to become educated about dance, let alone provide quality care for dancers.

Each episode of the podcasts features conversations with guests from either the dance world or healthcare to address their experiences. We aim to provide a place to critically discuss how both sides can do better for one another.

How do I listen?

You can find us on all of your major podcast platforms as well as on Instagram @thedanceup. Episodes are released monthly. Check out the pilot Episode 1 where we introduce ourselves, our backgrounds.

Help us spread the word.

Make sure to like, share, comment, and review the episode to help us reach more people. Our goal is to shine a light on cultural competency between dance and healthcare. We hope that by having critical conversations and creating actionable visions for the future, we improve the way these two worlds interact. Enjoy Episode 1 and follow along on the journey with us.