As you navigate the postpartum period, it’s essential to have the right tools to support your recovery. One versatile piece of equipment you likely already have is a pregnancy yoga ball. Oftentimes, my patients say they already stored it away as they may have seen enough of it during pregnancy. This ball can be incredibly beneficial for pelvic floor recovery, pelvic floor awareness, and gentle movement as you gradually return to exercise. Here’s how you can continue to use your pregnancy yoga ball to support your postpartum journey.

Pelvic Floor Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth can affect your pelvic floor muscles in varying ways, making targeted recovery exercises crucial. Your pregnancy yoga ball is an excellent aid for these exercises. Sitting on the ball and performing gentle pelvic tilts or pelvic floor contractions with breathwork helps strengthen and relax these muscles effectively. Having the soft surface of the ball also allows for less pressure into the sacrum and pelvic floor, compared to a regular seat.

Pelvic Floor Awareness

Re-establishing awareness of your pelvic floor is a key step in postpartum recovery. Your pregnancy yoga ball can help you become more attuned to these muscles. Sitting on the ball encourages proper posture and alignment, which naturally brings attention to the pelvic floor. You can practice feeling pelvic floor movement by sitting with a wide stance, inhaling through the belly and letting the pelvic floor relax and slightly push down into the ball, and then exhale and let the pelvic floor slightly lift and contract. This increased awareness can make your pelvic floor exercises more effective and help you integrate this consciousness into your daily movements and activities.

Gentle Movement

Returning to exercise postpartum should be a gradual process, and your pregnancy yoga ball is perfect for gentle, low-impact movements. Try simple activities like bouncing lightly or rolling your hips in circles on the ball. This can promote circulation, reduce stiffness, and gently reintroduce movement to your body. As you regain strength, you can incorporate more dynamic exercises, such as ball squats or bridges. Always ensure that you move at a pace that feels right for you.

Additional Benefits

Beyond targeted exercises, the gentle bouncing motion of the yoga ball can be soothing for both you and your baby. This makes it a handy tool for calming fussy moments.

Your yoga ball is more than just a prenatal accessory—it’s a valuable tool for your postpartum recovery. By supporting pelvic floor recovery, enhancing pelvic floor awareness, and facilitating gentle movement, it helps you transition back to regular exercise safely and effectively. Keep that yoga ball handy, and let it continue to support you in this new chapter of motherhood.

For more tips on postpartum recovery and exercise, take a look at our many postpartum related blog posts, book a postpartum appointment with one of our perinatal providers, or sign up for an upcoming Postpartum Recovery Series. We’re here to help you thrive during this special time.