As Doctors of Chiropractic we practice a hands-on, drug-free approach to health care. Chiropractors are thoroughly educated in examination, diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions including, but not limited to: low back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ pain, pregnancy related low back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, disc injuries, and sciatic-like symptoms.


The Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic massage therapists specialize in therapeutic, deep tissue, sports and prenatal massage. They will collaborate with our in-office chiropractors, in addition to developing customized treatment plans for each patient. Common complaints treated with massage therapy include: back pain, shoulder pain, tension headaches and overall tension related to stress.


Personalized nutrition involves assessing all of the areas that could be affecting an individual’s health, and aiding that with specific dietary and lifestyle changes. These areas include but are not limited to: a person’s genetics, dietary habits, physical activity, sleep behaviors, hormone function, mental and emotional states, environmental factors and gut-brain connection.



The providers and staff at Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic are committed to offering the highest quality chiropractic care, nutrition and massage therapy services in Rochester, NY.

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Martha Coye
Martha Coye
20:32 14 Jan 22
So happy I found Dr Sarah and Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic. I’ve been going for adjustments for a little over a year. When I started treatments, my range of back motion was very limited and I was in a lot of pain. Dr Sarah has been able to improve my flexibility and helped a great deal to relieve the pain.Everyone at the office is friendly and the environment is calm.
lauryn Owens
lauryn Owens
01:05 21 Dec 21
Nick is amazing when it comes to pinpointing areas that need adjustment and more attention. He was super knowledgable and made me feel incredibly comfortable. He communicated the entire time about having the right amount of pressure and making sure he was targeting the areas i was concerned with. He is super personable and also educated me on what he was doing and why. I left feeling refreshed... and after he made sure all my questions were answered and even gave after care more
Stephanie Morillo
Stephanie Morillo
17:22 30 Oct 21
Pinnacle Hill has been my happy place since the second trimester of my first pregnancy. I’ve been seeing Dr. Sarah for six months and working with her has been an amazing experience; I feel that her focus is very much holistic in nature, so chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy also consisted of learning new exercises to help strengthen muscles and utilize them correctly. I’ve continued to... get adjustments and have additionally gone for massages with Andrea (prenatal and regular — she’s the best, I wouldn’t go anywhere else) and am currently in the four week postpartum workout series program taught by Dr. Caitlin and Dr. Sarah. I HIGHLY recommend this practice to anyone, especially pregnant women and new moms!read more
Aaron and Laura
Aaron and Laura
04:20 08 Oct 21
I have been a patient of Dr. Sarah’s for a few months now (approx. 6), and feel so incredibly fortunate to have found a place where my health goals are truly heard. After a host of reoccurring issues, I was lucky to start seeing Dr. Sarah when I was already on a good path to recovery but missing several key pieces. From our first meeting she carefully listened with such caring compassion - making... me completely comfortable and laying out a solid plan to reduce stubborn and persistent pain. And, her plan is working!I learned early on that the biggest strength of this office is its adherence to long term health goals and finding ways to help their patients achieve them. For example, I wanted less recurring issues, and learned the best course would be to build strategic muscle sets and therefore stabilize things better, then ultimately have less pain. When Dr. Sarah explained this to me, my chronic issues all began to make so much more sense, and as I work to strengthen my body slowly over time, I’m seeing steady ad lasting improvement that I hadn’t experienced for years previously.Dr. Sarah is a cheerleader. If there is a week or two when I am less on top of my exercises, she’s still so kind, warm, and encouraging, and she helps adjust me and offer pearls of wisdom that truly stay with me in the weeks between appointments. She’s an outstanding chiropractor, and their practice is built not on constant profit, but rather on helping people learn to live with less pain and fewer appointments. Now my husband sees the difference in me and has decided to start going himself. Can’t recommend highly enough. A++read more
Randie VanEtten
Randie VanEtten
21:58 05 Oct 21
Dr. Caitlin was amazing to meet with for my 2 month old son. He hadn’t had a bowel movement in 2 days and her adjustment helped move things along with success shortly after our visit. She provided helpful tips on how to assist him with this in the future, sleep and massage tips. Thanks Dr. Caitlin!
Amanda Shultes
Amanda Shultes
14:55 20 Aug 21
Dr. Sarah has been a very positive and supportive addition to my postpartum experience. She has helped me ‘reset’ physically after the crazy event that is birth, learn how to healthfully move postpartum (hello, car seats and 17lb babies!), address some random knee issues that cropped up AND address some longstanding hip issues that I thought were beyond remedying. She and the entire Pinnacle Team... have been very responsive and helpful, and provide a great customer experience – including thorough after visit instructions as well as videos for when I can’t recall how to do a certain exercise. Their office is clean and has a very healing/healthy vibe to it 🙂 I highly recommend them!read more
Najma Mohamed
Najma Mohamed
03:06 16 Aug 21
I had my very first chiropractic appointment with Dr. Rachel last Friday. She was so kind, and so knowledgeable! She asked great questions to really understand the bigger picture. She made me feel comfortable and I left my appointment feeling at ease and 100% less tense. She even went above and beyond and recommended me a chiropractic clinic while I am away at school! I would 100% return to... Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic!read more
Ruby Black
Ruby Black
21:47 21 Jul 21
Caitlin was patient and understanding- I had a few new concerns and her asked a lot of to fully understand. Suggested different exercises to try!
Amy Adams
Amy Adams
21:00 20 Oct 20
The best chiropractic care I've ever had, and I've been to a lot of places in the Rochester Area! Their care is specific to your needs and not just the same adjustments each time. They listen to you and give you ample time to have your needs met. I have been treated by Dr. Sarah and she has helped my back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah and Dr. Mike.
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“The providers at Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic are tremendous. They are truly hands-on experts in this area that I look forward to seeing each visit. I’ve have had various pain and injuries treated at Pinnacle Hill with great satisfaction; with an added bonus of learning a great deal about injury prevention, stretching, and general anatomy.”