More times than not I have postpartum women come into my office telling me that they had no idea what to do regarding their postpartum symptoms. These symptoms can add to the already increasing emotional and physical stressors that new moms are expected to cope with.

Some of the most common symptoms and conditions I see postpartum are urinary incontinence, diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), abdominal pain, low back pain and pubic joint pain. These symptoms can be common postpartum, but are not necessarily normal. Unfortunately, many OBGYNs and midwives around the country tell their patients that these symptoms are normal and come with having children.

Normal and common are not the same thing. In our office, we prefer to use the term common.

Each of the symptoms listed above can be treated here at Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic. Although, I (Dr. Sarah) am not an internal pelvic floor physical therapist, I have a vast amount of knowledge on how to assess and address pelvic floor, abdominal and orthopedic conditions by examining a patient externally. My methodology is and always will be referring any patient that I’m unable to treat appropriately to another qualified provider. I comanage a number of postpartum patients with a variety of different healthcare provider in Rochester, NY, including pelvic floor physical therapists, acupuncturists and mental health counselors.

A postpartum visit, especially your first one, at Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic is MUCH more than your standard chiropractic visit. We will thoroughly discuss your pregnancy, labor and birth before diving into your reason for walking into the office. Following the extensive history, we will go through an abdominal examination, an external pelvic floor examination, an orthopedic examination and a neurological examination if warranted. The history and examination are KEY parts to your postpartum recover and should NEVER be overlooked.

Treatment is really what everyone is looking for! How do I get better? How do I close my DRA? How do I stop peeing when I sneeze? How do I protect my body while I move through my new life? When will my low back pain go away? The short answer is that there is no one treatment protocol for postpartum women. It truly is different for everyone. I understand that this can be frustrating to hear that there isn’t an easy or a quick fix, but everyone is different. Everyone has had different experiences during pregnancy, labor, birth and their early postpartum period. It is my job, as your provider, to educate you on how you got here and how we are going to empower you and support you through your recovery. Ultimately, treatment will consist of breath work, muscular activation, muscular and scar release, unweighted and weighted movements, resistance training, and may include a variety of other techniques on a case by case basis.

My goal is to empower, support and educate women during their pregnancies and postpartum periods. I want to be a part of your team as your recover postpartum. Please give Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic a call to schedule your first postpartum patient appointment today!