I would say probably not right? So if one shirt doesn’t necessarily fit every body type, why should chiropractic treatment be standard patient to patient? Well ultimately…IT SHOULDN’T.

Doctors of Chiropractic around the world have performed spinal manipulations to people of all ages for years. This form of treatment can be extremely beneficial for a variety of complaints, as most of the people reading this are most likely aware. However, every person’s low back pain is a little bit different and caused by something slightly different. The same goes for headaches, neck pain, knee pain, etc. So if this is the case, why do so many people ask us why their last chiropractor did the EXACT SAME THING every visit for weeks, months or years no matter the complaint? Unfortunately my answer is often I do not know and I am sorry.

Patients who have only experienced the same form of treatment day in and day out for weeks, months or years no matter the complaint are unfortunately not receiving the true value of chiropractic care nor the patient education necessary to recover. This is not only the case in our profession. We see cookie cutter treatment plans in the physical therapy and medical worlds as well. Here is a drug that is always give for this symptom, whether you really need it or not. Here are a slew of internal and external rotation exercises for generalized shoulder pain regardless of the true diagnosis. 

Custom treatment plans are essential for recovery. They show the patient that the doctor was listening and is well educated enough to put together a specific plan just for them, their diagnosis and their lifestyle. To be honest it shows compassion and this is what our office values the most. Our providers work together to develop custom treatment plans for each patient that walks through the door. Our goal is complete recovery and not only relief for 24-72 hours.

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