Tension headaches are some of the most annoying and frustrating pains we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Do we really have to deal with that though? Many people, each day, sit at a computer and if it is not sitting at a computer, they are in some sort of rounded/forward posture. These positions can cause the forward rotation of the shoulders and are a key component to that bothersome headache.

The problem isn’t in the back, more so, it is in the front. Constantly pulling you forward. The muscles in the front become short and relaxed. So when you stand up straight, or try too, we tend to stay a little more rounded then we would like to be. However, we still have some tension in the back. The pain is because the postural muscles in the posterior aspect of the body are supposed to keep you upright are being OVER WORKED! The tension is from them trying to pull you upright!

Getting a massage to help open up the front/anterior muscles and to help sooth and relax the back/posterior muscles will help to relieve that chronic, annoying headache pain that we tend to all call “normal.” Set up an appointment today to help elevate that annoying tension pain!