Ultimately migraines are not solely caused by our hormones. They tend to be the result of a complicated interaction between hormones, genetics and the environment. The most interesting thing is that not all women experience migraines, so our internal environments must play a role!

Here are some great things to keep in mind if you suffer from migraines or headaches:

  1. Keep a headache journal. This is a great way to identify headache triggers so that you can slowly determine which headaches may be hormonal and which ones may be caused by something else. Pay attention to when they occur, what you were doing over the last 24 hours, what you have eaten in the last 24 hours, what you have drank (or not drank) in the last 24 hours and the weather. There are a variety of migraine triggers including: caffeine, red wine, alcohol, sugar, aged cheese, MSG, low blood sugar, stress, perfumes and bright lights.

  2. De-Stress. Stress, anxiety and depression seem to make people more susceptible to migraines. Learning to manage stress and supporting your mental health can be extremely beneficial. Sleep is also essential for your mental health and for the management of migraines and headaches.

  3. Relieve neck tension. Chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture can be absolute GAME CHANGERS when it comes to headaches and migraines. We spend so much time on computers that this can affect posture and create a lot of tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck.

  4. Food as medicine. Switching to an anti-inflammatory diet can be beneficial. An anti-inflammatory diet will include fruits, leafy green veggies and fiber. Reducing the amount of sugar and processed foods is also ideal. Fiber actually helps to regulate estrogen levels, which can be beneficial with hormonal migraines.

  5. Supplements. There are a variety of different supplements listed online that can help with migraines, but these are a few of my favourites: B-Complex, Magnesium and Curcumin. Many people do not notice a difference immediately, as it can take 2-6 months for some of these supplements to show a drastic difference. If you are interested in taking any of the supplements listed above, please speak with Dr. Sarah or Dr. Rachel to discuss brand, dosage and safety if you are expecting or postpartum.

Migraines don’t have to be your normal. If you or a loved one have been experiencing headaches or migraines, please have them reach out to our office!