Why attend the Pelvic Floor Strength for Athletes workshop?

I’m so excited to announce that I’m hosting a workshop focused on pelvic floor and core strength for CrossFit athletes. Join me on Saturday, November 5th at NOVA Fitness in the city of Rochester. I will be channeling my extensive training in core and pelvic floor health to teach a variety of topics relating to pelvic floor and core strength for the CrossFit athlete.

If you’re wondering if this workshop is for you, here are 4 reasons to register:
  1. Learn how to train your core creatively. We’ll start with learning how to brace effectively and quickly move into practicing some of my favorite core movements!
  2. Learn to control leaking in the gym. Despite what most people think, leaking urine doesn’t always mean that your pelvic floor is weak. We will discuss how the pelvic floor SHOULD function, common symptoms and how to prevent leaking in the future, especially with doubleunders, heavy squats, box jumps and heavy cleans.
  3. Learn how to modify for pregnancy or postpartum. Modifications shouldn’t always mean EASIER. The goal for modifications should always keep in mind the stimulus of the movement and try to replicate that stimulus. We will also briefly discuss diastasis rectus abdominis and what that diagnosis means for your training before and after baby.
  4. Get in a great workout! We’ll immediately put the lessons into practice with some movement!
Most importantly, you DON’T have to be a CrossFit athlete or female to attend this workshop. All of the topics, tips and tricks can be applied to ANY person dealing with core or pelvic floor issues in the gym. Health care providers and fitness professionals looking to further their education are also welcome!

CLICK HERE to sign up now. I hope to see you there!