I am often asked how chiropractic care can help a malpositioned baby in utero. Fetal malposition can occur when baby is in the breech position as well as when baby is lying transverse or somewhere in between. This question often comes up very late into the patient’s gestation and they’re unfortunately panicked about getting the baby to move as a means of avoiding a Cesarean. I prefer a more preventative approach and to try to get baby into the vertex position.

Chiropractic Care

Typically, I recommend visiting a chiropractor every two weeks from your first visit through about 36 weeks gestation, then weekly until the baby’s birth. However, if there is reason to believe that your baby will be born before the standard full term, I would adjust my recommendation accordingly. 

Regular treatment, specifically using the Webster Technique, has been shown to give baby the most room possible to assume the vertex position. In our office, Dr. Sarah, Dr. Rachel, and myself are Webster Technique Certified. There is also research out there that suggests regular chiropractic care during pregnancy to decrease labor and delivery time and pain too!


I recommend prenatal exercise because of the many benefits for you and your unborn baby. Exercise is important for your health and has been shown to support more favorable birth outcomes. Check out more information as well as myths I often hear and work to overcome. If you still have questions about exercise during pregnancy, I would be happy to answer them and address any concerns you may – just shoot me at [email protected].


I have a few online resources that I recommend to my patients, especially if they’re already nearing the end of pregnancy and are concerned about baby’s position. 

Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies exists for the sole purpose of helping malpositioned babies. Although they have several recommended positions to help get baby head down, I find that some pregnant people don’t feel comfortable trying them at home. I took their provider course in the spring and would be happy to help with any modifications you need to practice at home.

Again, I find that being proactive is best, so I recommend starting out on a daily basis in the second trimester. However, if your schedule only allows for a few times per week, that’s just fine! If you can get your partner involved, it’s a great way to help you relax and can be a good practice for support during labor. I love when partners are willing to learn and encourage them to come to one of your appointments so you can learn my tips and tricks together,

The Miles Circuit

I also regularly send patients information on The Miles Circuit. I recommend using these positions starting around 37 weeks, but they can be done earlier in your pregnancy for relaxation.

Both resources can be useful tools during labor if things have stalled, just be sure your providers are on the same page. A doula can be a wonderful addition to your team and most in the Rochester area are familiar with Spinning Babies and The Miles Circuit.

If you’d like to try chiropractic care to help with fetal malposition, schedule an appointment with me today!