There are many moving parts to ensure an effective long run. During long distance running, your brain is telling one foot to strike the ground and push the other one off the ground. Keep your core tight. Swing your arms back and forth. Use your lungs to breath. And you have do it all with good form and at the same time! These actions must be repeated with every step you take.

Any physical activity, no matter the time, length or resistance, will put some stress on your body. Some stress is good and your body will react appropriately but too much stress can cause chaos. Long distance running is no different.

Pain with Long Distance Running

Lower extremity and low back pain are often common in runners due to the impact on your body from all the miles. The good news is, these injuries don’t have to hold you back. Pain is not normal and getting back to long distance running after an injury can take time! Remember that the tissue has been stressed and healed. The longer it has been since you ran last, the longer it will take to get you back to your full running routine. Start slow and listen to your body and what it can handle!

How Can Chiropractic Care Help

There are several places where something can go wrong during long distance running and I am here to help keep you on the right track! Chiropractors are trained to check your posture as well as your gait. If either of these are a little “off” they may be getting incorrect signals from your brain. I would start by restoring normal joint motion into your feet, ankles, knees, hips and/or spine to correct your posture and gait. Then I would give you some exercises to strengthening the muscles surrounding each joint that is affected. This is important to maintain the correct joint motion.

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