RED-S: the result of not eating appropriately for the amount of energy that your body expends, specifically during sport.

This is MUCH MORE common than originally realized and can affect every system in your body!

This isnā€™t just seen in elite athletes. We see it in adolescent and adult athletes, anyone who exercises and even pregnant & postpartum women. Women do not have to be lean or in a weight class sport to experience RED-S.

Symptoms usually begin as chronic fatigue and low mood, but can eventually lead to issues with fertility, loss of menstruation, recurrent injuries and even possible stress fractures.

Unfortunately under fueling, especially postpartum as women are beginning to get back into exercise and are possibly still breastfeeding/pumping, puts an increased demand for adequate nutrition on the body. If this demand is not being met women may begin to experience:



šŸ”¹Decreased concentration

šŸ”¹Hormone imbalances (especially with regard to thyroid function)

šŸ”¹Decreased muscle strength

šŸ”¹Decreased endurance


If you have been noticing any of the above listed signs or symptoms of RED-S, please reach out! Stay tuned for some amazing and interactive information coming from Dr. James, Dr. Rachel and myself in the near future as well!