All too often, postpartum women are left to fend for themselves as they walk into this brand new stage of life. It can be daunting. Adding the internet and social media in the mix can often just make it more disastrous. Buy this program. Lose weight in 30 days. Get rid of pelvic floor dysfunction for good. These are all the common phrases we see across the internet and social media channels today. But how do we know who is actually educated enough to give advise us on postpartum recovery? To be honest we don’t and we do our best to sift through the options.

A number of years ago I took my very first postpartum continuing education course. At the time it was the only course of its kind and it quickly shifted my specialty from prenatal and pediatrics to prenatal and postpartum. Since then I have worked hard to continue to educate myself to be able to offer the highest quality of care to postpartum women in the Rochester, NY community.

With years of education came the confidence to develop my very own 4-week, 8-class postpartum recovery series. This series is the perfect combination of years of postpartum education with the flare of a movement-based healthcare provider. It is meant to bring together the medical world and the fitness world. The series slowly allows women to return to exercise while being guided by a healthcare provider specializing in movement and postpartum recovery. Each day of the series has been specifically developed to educate new moms and strengthen their bodies postpartum. Topics of discussion range from diastasis rectus abdominis, pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence to postpartum nutrition and hormonal imbalances. This well rounded and empowering series has women all across the city talking about it!

We would love to have you join us. Please stay tuned for our next series announcement!