We all know that whole foods and vegetables are important to incorporate, and to do so often. But I think we also all find ourselves in certain days, weeks, time periods, where it feels all too overwhelming to think about nutrition deeper than just making sure we eat. 

Convenience foods, like pre-made or packaged foods, are needed and necessary for many. But if we find ourselves having that and only that, we may not feel well or supported in our bodies. 

Adding greens into your day alongside other veggies are so significant for us because of their fiber, prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals. The fiber helps us regulate bowel movements, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, feeling full and satisfied, aids in digestion, and reduces the risk  of diabetes and certain types of cancer. 

I always like to come from a place of addition rather than restriction with my patients; so instead of us removing those helpful and necessary convenience foods, how can we add alongside them in our day to support our overall health?

  • Greens in your smoothies and shakes. 

Spinach is a very mild flavored green that can be added into your favorite smoothie recipe to increase fiber and vitamins, without sacrificing any change in flavor. However, the color of the smoothie will certainly change 🙂 

Check out this recipe I made for a green smoothie that includes kale.

  • Add sprouts or microgreens on top of your meal.

Sprouts and microgreens are incredibly rich in nutrients, and much more concentrated compared to the mature version of them. (i.e. putting just a handful of arugula microgreens on top of a meal equating to an entire arugula salad with your meal in terms of nutrients). Although they won’t offer the same level of satiety as the adult greens, it is still a wonderfully easy way to finish off a meal that might appreciate a bit of fiber and vitamins.

  • Welcome them into your breakfasts.

Eggs and toast? Delicious! Eggs and toast and arugula? In my opinion, it is even more delicious with that spicy punch; and a quick way to increase fiber and feel even fuller from breakfast to get through the day comfortably.

  • Greens powders!

I generally don’t think greens powders are needed for most people; mainly because if we are incorporating a variety of greens and vegetables into our diet, we are getting what we need in terms of these important vitamins and minerals. 

But as we said in the beginning, there can be times where nutrition can be all too much to focus on. Maybe we have a greens powder on hand during those times to add to water, smoothies, juice, etc. if we need a convenient option or do not have any fresh veggies or greens on hand!

There are so many other wonderful ways to keep these green guys a constant in our lives, but these few are some of my favorites for myself and my patients. 

Try some out and see how you feel 🙂